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Update Round 3-here
Update Round 2-I posted some additional thoughts and a recipe here

While I was laying out at my club's pool I came across an article in More Magazine.  Just for reference, I am in my late 20s, but I have always enjoyed the articles in this magazine from when I would visit my grandma or when a spare one happens to be lying around. The editor introduced this magazine with her own expereince with later in life weight gain and how she started working with Lyn-Genet Recitas who owns Neighborhood Hollistic, who helped her loose the 8 poiunds she gained as well as realize foods she was "reactive" to.

Later in the magazine it has an explanation of the process that goes behind her mentality as well as a "loose" 3 day detox that readers can follow and expect a weight lost of 5 pounds.  I have long standing issues with food bothering my stomach and I constantly get stomach pains.  I have tried going to a gastronologist who suggested I elimate dairy products, which has helped but has not solved all my issues.  "The Plan" intrigued me since a lot of healthy food that we are told are good for everyone can actually be quite harmful to some people's genetic makeup (such as oatmeal and salmon) and the diet is supposed to help people figure out what those foods are.

The first three days you are supposed to follow the diet which is made up of foods that are charted as less reactive (please note I am linking the diet, her article and a reactive food list above but will also again at the bottom of this post).  After this this initial phase, I rules don't have a clear outline in the article but I am guessing you can try a new food a day and see how it effects you body the next day (she suggests by weighting youself for any weight gains).

I decided to try this 3 day 4 day detox (I cheated big time the 2nd day) not so much for the weight lost aspect but to see if I felt any better.  Her diet was a little vague to me (personally I liked this because it allowed me to play aroudn a bit) and some other readers mentioned this as well so hopefully my tweeks make it a little easier to follow and also still fit into the overall guidelines  (I also make some suggestions on products I use).  As someone who is on the lower end of the a healthy BMI and whose meals tend to be made up of mostly veggies I was somehwhat skeptical that I would loose weight on this plan since my regular diet doesn't appear too different besides swicthign in certain veggiesm healthy fats and beans for others but suprising it did.  Read on for my daily menu, weight lost on each day and my overall reaction to the diet.

Day 1


I got a bowl and made of mix of her suggested breakfast- 1 cup berried, rice cereal or oat free granola I decided to use a little but of rice cerel and granola in mine to make it a little more interesting.  Here is what into mine:

-3/4 cup Erewhon Organic no sugar/salt added Brown Rice Cereal, I picked this up at my local co-op store because I liked how it had no added salt or sugar.  I imagine there are plenty of other options available at regular groceries as well.

-1/4 cup High Power gRAWnola, I also picked this up in the bulk section of my local co-op and it was delicious!  She suggests a certian oat free granola for the diet but I didn't want to pay for shipping and I didn't have that hard of a time finding an oat free granola.  I suggest looking in the organic bulk bin section of your local market.

-1 cup frozen raspberries from Trader Joes

-Enough So Delicious Coconut Milk to make everything tasty.  I have been using this product for a while so was pleasantly surpised this was recommended in the detox since I love it.  I usually get the unsweetened version.

-I sprinked extra cinnamon on this because I love it


-aprox 2-3 cups of Carrot Ginger Soup (recipe found here), this soup tasted ok, it would have been much better with some salt added which is not allowed.  I did like how you could adjust the spices to taste and I ended up adding a lot of cumin to compensate and also some chipolte spice.  I also found that 1.5 liters of water in the recupe makes a whole lot of soup and would recomment lowering the water in the soup.  One thing I did find to jaz up the taste was adding a small drizzle of flavored extra virgin olive oil, I used garlic EVOO.

-Salad with organic greens, 1/4 less salt chickpeas, 1 small hand full sunflower seeds ( just realized I had been using pumpkin seeds this whole time), 1/4 avocado, cucumber (I used half a whole cucumber) and drizzled with lemon and garlic EVOO.  This was very good and liked how you could have much as you wanted if the amounts were not specified.


1 cup watermelon, YUM! plus I was still stuffed from lunch


Sauteed vegtable mix- I changed the veggies up a bit and used  a couple handfuls of kale, 1 cup broccoli, one zuchinni and 4 shitakke mushrooms in the Spicy Coco sauce.  This resembles my normal dinner (minus the sauce) and was really good.  I did use So Delicious unsweeted coconut milk instead of a can in the recipe of the sauce since its what I had on hand and it worked just fine. (I saved half for lunch)

Carrot and Beet slaw-made exactly as recipe stated.  One recipe makes 4 servings

Broccoli with EVOO-This was also listed for dinner but I was too stuffed to make this or eat it.

Day 2

weight lost from previous day- (either 1 pd or 1.6 pds, my scale is being finicky and keeps switching back and forth from the two numbers)


Same as first day


Left over veggies from dinner in sauce

1 cup of brown rice with sunflower pumpkin seeds-I didn't eat the rice because I wasn't very hungry and instead threw the pumkin seends into the veggies I ate. 


Apple with 6 almonds


Warm Kale salad- recipe can be found here.  This was beyond yummy, by far my favorite recipe and something I will make again and again. 
Carrot Soup

Steamed snow peas with EVOO

This is where I messed up.  I had plans to meet a friend and wasn't that hungry so the plan was to eat part of my dinner before I went and the rest once I got home *bad idea*.  I never got around to eating the soup or peas instead I ate/drank this:



And because achohol makes me hungry, I ended up eating far too many fried chips with salsa and black beans (both considered highly reactive).

Day 3

Weight lost gain from previous day-since my scale was finicky the other day, my weight gain was either .7 or 1.2 pds. I also feel like crap, I am tired and feel bloated.  Because of this fail, I have decided to change my detox to 4 days by continuing on to Day 3's planned lunch but eating Day 2's dinner.


Same as Day 1

Short Soy latte-this was not on the plan but it was Sunday and I had made it two days without coffee


Salad with mixed organic greens, 1/2 cup garbonzo beans, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cucumber drizzled with lemon juice and garlic EVOO.

2 Rye crackers Foods Alive Flax seed crackers with 1 oz goat cheese-  I don't like rye at all and instead found some raw all natural flaxseed crackers at my local co-op.  Since the only ingredients where flax and spices (5 crackers is 110 cals) I figured these would be an ok subsitute (the granola Lyn-Genet recommened has flax in it).  They were actually really good and think I will keep these in my regular diet as well.


Apple with 8 brazil nuts cashews, this is what I had on hand


large bowl of Carrot Soup

1 cup of sauteed snow peas with EVOO and lemon zest

Warm Kale salad  I was full after dinner so I skipped this and instead had a slice of watermelon

Day 4 Since I added this day as a makeup day I went back to Day 1 for Breakfast and Lunch and then ate the dinner I was supposed to eat on Day 3

Weight lost from previos day-1.2 pds and feeling so much better than the previous day


Same as every day-still liking it though


One nectarine-This is not on the plan BUT I was pretty hungry around 10 am this morning AND my coworker had brought in fresh fruit picked straight from a farm.  How could I resist that and pit fruits are less reactive on the chart so I figured it was fine.


Same as Day 1-Carrot Soup and Salad

mini Milky Way-yes, I cheated again.  I love chocolate, what can I say?  Surprisingly the need to have something sweet after a meal had diminished due to less salt in my meals.  But I still have my weaknesses.


Apple and almonds


Carrot and beet slaw drizzled with EVOO and honey

Sauteed zuchinni with EVOO and basil

Oven roasted organic, all natural chicken with spicy apricot glaze.  I brushed my chicken breats with the glaze as well as using it as a side sauce, I also added red pepper flakes to make it more spicy.  Husband ate this as well and liked it.

Day 5 and the official detox is over but I think I will keep cycling since I have so much left over carrot soup and kale.  I plan on reintroducing coffee to my diet

Weight loss from previous day- .8 pds


I liked this detox and felt it was easy to follow and not to mention I was full and satisfied most of the time (except for coffee/chocolate cravings).  It is also nice not to have to count calories and know you can eat as much as you want of certain foods (carrot soup).  I also found a decrease in headaches and that tired/bloated feeling after not eating eggplant for three days, which is a staple in my diet usually.  It was hard to give up caffine and acohol for me (as you can see I obviously failed) but still able to gain benefits from the detox.  Overall the food was good and I found I had less of a sweet tooth since I wasn't adding any salt.  Total weight lost- 2.2 pds (including day I gained)

Helpful Tips

Buy a flavored olive oil- this helped with adding a little more depth to some foods

Storing avocado- I cut a wedge out of my avacado to keep out more air, then doused the part I wasnt using in lemon juice, wrapped in in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.  I prevented browning and the avacodo stayed ediable for several days

Read packaging-whether its buying granola or replacing a food you don't like on the diet, such as rye crackers for me

Drinks lots of water- I would make a big batch of my favorite iced tea (green tea) and keep it in a pitcher sweetened with Stevia.  This helped with making sure I was getting my daily water intake.

Resources (links)
3 Day Detox

Q&A with Lyn-Genet

Reactive Food List


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  • 11/7/2011 9:19 AM mary kay baynard wrote:
    I did this diet or cleanse for a week and lost five pounds. My question is how to proceed. Lynn's website seems to indicate that you will continue to lose weight unless you are eating extremely reactive foods, but I have not. I am wondering now if the weight I lost was just because I was eating so few calories. I have gained a pound back even though I have not been eating alot and eating mainly foods on the low reactive scale. Any thoughts?
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    1. 11/7/2011 4:07 PM Dress Me Stylish wrote:
      I also had the same results as you and found I didn't lose anymore weight after the initial 3 days.  I am not sure how much weight you are trying to lose but it could be you are at the point your body wants you to be at (healthy weight).  Also how are you feeling, I think a big point of the "diet" was also to feel better and have more energy, if you are still feeling sluggish maybe you are eating something reactive.  Also after the initial plan, did you start incorporating salt into your foods again or using processed ingredients, this could also account for a slight weight gain.  These are just my thoughts and opinions, so it's hard to say.  I don't think it was because you were eating too few calories, for me the diet included  more calories than I usually eat and I still lost.  I believe the calorie content is around 1,800 a day based on the article, if you are now eating more then this calorie amount, that could also be your issue.  I wish I could offer you more solid advice but sadly I am not a nutritionist, but just enjoy reading up on eating healthy.
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      1. 1/8/2013 5:54 PM Shelley wrote:
        I just saw Lyn G on Dr Oz yesterday. I think the diet is for learning what causes inflammation in your diet so you can know what to avoid in the future and therefore, eat more! You do the 3-day cleanse and then add the foods you want into your diet one at a time to see how your body chemistry reacts. Every other day add a new product. You'll be very sensitive to what gets you bloated (such as eggplant). Her book should be out if that's of interest to you rather than just a fad diet...yay! Thanks
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        1. 1/10/2013 10:45 AM Dress Me Stylish wrote:
          Thanks for your post, I completely agree, everyone body makeup is different and it's important to pay attention to how different foods interact with your body chemistry to avoid inflammation.  Thanks again for the additonal information.

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